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We offer movable heavy load racks (these are pallet or cantilever racks on rails). Compared to standard racks much less space is necessary because only one corridor is needed). Further we offer moving racks for archives (also much less space needed),mezzanine floors (optimizes the available space in height), palette racks, shelving systems, Drive-In Racks and self-supporting structures (with and without automated loading devices).

image descriptions:

VR Pal empty
Moveable Heavy Load Racks

Pallet- or cantilever racks are built on cars. These run on rails installed in the floor (also possible in existing buildings, in this case the area for the rails will be cut into the floor). This kind of storage is optimal when little space is available or space or volume (for example cold storage) is expensive. Movements per hour should not be higher than 30.

VR stat. KR
Stationary Cantilever as part of a moveable system

Moveable heavy load racks have usually stationary racks on both ends. The cars have light barriers to avoid any collisions. The front area of the whole installation s as well equipped with a light barrier. To ease handling a fork-lift counter is installed.

Moveable Heavy Load Rack with crane

Installation may be made in such a way that not a fork-lift but a crane does the handling. An exact position of the bases is communicated to avoid any collisions. Control is normally manually, by a remote-control or by a central storage computer.

Multi-floor shelving system

Shelving systems or wide-span racks may be built in a multi-floor system. The picture shows a two-floor installation with stair and a pallet deposition area. Such a construction allows optimal use of height.

Mezzanin floors

Also mezzanine floors may be built in a multi-floor system. Bearing loads of up to 1000 kg/m2 (uniformly distributed) are possible. An installation in existing buildings is possible without changing the construction.


Self supporting structures are buildings where the construction is made out of racks. Usually these installations are installed with automated loading devices. This allows much higher movements per hour than moveable rack systems. It is also possible to install such structures in existing buildings. It is uses for pallets as well as for all kind of containers (for example mini-load).